Brookline Arts Center

Client: Brookline Arts Center
Location: Brookline, MA
Size: 4,500 SF

studioMLA Architects updated the historic adaptive reuse of the Brookline Fire Station #3, which has housed the Brookline Arts Center since 1968. A Feasibility Study identified ways to modernize and improve both the functionality and flexibility of the existing studio and gallery spaces.

Planned in phases not only to minimize disruption to ongoing programs but also align with funding sources, Phase I was completed in 2017. This renovation added a marine plywood “utility core” between the main studio and the pottery studio behind and provides an art sink, work area/counter, and built-in storage. It also included a new accessible restroom.

Phase II, currently in the fundraising phase, will connect this renovated studio to an existing small gallery, allowing for a better art display and area for larger events. The historical sealed-up fire truck doors would also be restored, reconnecting the main space to the outdoors while creating additional, much-needed, floor space.