Sandwich Public Library Renovation

Client: Sandwich Public Library
Location: Sandwich, MA
Size: 17,700 SF

studioMLA Architects and David L. King Architects worked with the Sandwich Public Library to develop an ambitious program to re-imagine the library as a space that encourages community engagement and supports a broad variety of uses. The inclusive design process generated innovative ideas through collaboration with staff, board, and patrons.

The project protects and reinforces the library’s historic fabric and its dedication to reading, archival research, technology, and learning while making the spaces more open and contemporary. The space had been partially renovated multiple times in the last decade, so the design team focused on complementing the existing conditions rather than starting from scratch. Highlights of the renovation include a new approach for the children’s and teens’ areas, a technology bar, and a dedicated archival room. The design improves circulation and space utilization. This project was completed in August 2021.

Sandwich Public Library Video with Joanne Lamothe, Library Director

Photography by Keitaro Yoskioka