Goodbye 2023

Chickahominy Indian Tribe
Conceptual Design | August 2023

Working with the Chickahominy Indian Tribe in Providence Forge, VA, we have developed a conceptual design for a new construction 7,939 SF childcare center. The center would have the capacity for 75 children. The childcare center would be on the opposite side of the Tribal center.

Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Conceptual Design

Brookline Teen Center
Master Plan | October 2023

Now a decade into its life, the Brookline Teen Center is growing and evolving to meet the needs of the teens who use the facility daily. As a critical first step in the design process, the Master Plan creates a framework that outlines the collection of potential interventions across all facility levels. The Brookline Teen Center is working on prioritization strategies to upgrade the Center.

Brookline Teen Center Master Plan Perspectives

Boston Community Pediatrics
Phase 2 | October 2023

The expansion of Boston Community Pediatrics doubled the square footage to allow the organization more space to provide services to the community. The primary design challenge was to connect the two floors and maintain the collaborative culture supporting their mission. We achieved this connection by incorporating an open stair design as the entry sequence that welcomes visitors and clarifies wayfinding.

The new space features a community room, founder’s office, provider’s office, medical assistance workspace, exam rooms, care navigation & wellness suite, and care navigation & wellness consult rooms. Explore their space.

Boston Community Pediatrics Art Installation

U.S. DOT Volpe Center
Construction Completed: September 2023

studioMLA Architect designed the brand new, state-of-the-art child care center within the new Volpe Center that will accommodate up to 62 children of employees. The childcare center on the building’s ground floor consists of two infant rooms, two toddler rooms, one preschool and one pre-k classroom, and a gross motor room for indoor play. The space is located in a very urban area encompassed by newly constructed residential and office buildings. The playground is a break from the surrounding setting, which is achieved through the natural materials and plants, as well as the visual buffer from the perimeter wall.U.S. DOT Volpe Center Child Care

Coming Soon Highlights

Poland | Design Services

Recently completed SPYNKA’s early education design guidelines, studioMLA Architects has started modeling their SPYNKA In-a-Box. SPYNKA In-a-Box is a customizable, mobile pre-fab structure designed to accommodate up to 16 children, ranging from Infants to Preschoolers, providing childcare services in Poland for displaced Ukrainian children and families.

Turning This…

SPYNKA In-progress


SPYNKA Exterior Concept Rendering

United Health Services
Binghamton, NY | Renovation

Working with Keystone Associates Architects, Engineers, and Surveyors, LLC on a renovation project for United Health Services in Binghamton, New York. The 15,000 SF renovation of a food market building will be transformed into a child development center. It will serve 82 children in addition to a 4,400 SF playground. Construction will be completed in January.

United Health Services Child Care Center Construction Photos

Brookline Center for Community Mental Health
Brookline, MA | Renovation

With the groundbreaking of Brookline Center for Community Mental Health‘s outdoor therapeutic garden conducted in November 2023, this garden will be an amazing opportunity for the Brookline Community. Their center will be set apart from other local community mental health facilities by providing outdoor services.

Brookline Center for Community Mental Health Site Plan

Community Outreach

This summer, “The Brookline Fund to Increase Diversity in Architecture & Design.” had one Brookline High School student participate in our three-pronged program, shadowing designers in our office, attending the Boston Architectural College (BAC) summer academy program tuition-free, and completing a paid internship at our firm.Sarah Fung Attending a Construction Site Visit with Kaplan Construction

Team News

Liz Hall became a Registered Architect in Massachusetts in January 2023!

Liz Hall Headshot


In 2023, we participated in many presentations!

National Coalition for Campus Children’s Center (N4C) 50th Annual Conference & Professional Learning Institute
March 2022
  • Mike Lindstrom and Joanne Hiromura presented “Designing to Support Teacher Well-being & Reduce Turnover.”
World Forum on Early Care and Education Conference
May 2022
  • Mike Lindstrom, Samantha Espinoza, and Sandra Duncan (Early Environments Specialist) presented “Reimagining Early Childhood Environments for Supporting Project-Based Learning.”
  • Kylie Durekas, Fran McIntyre (Founder and Managing Director at Pendulum Dependent Care Solutions), Ric Ramos (Facilities Coordinator THRIVE Community Building), and Jill Primak (Design Director, Nature Explore, Dimensions Educational, and Research Foundation) presented “From Spaces to Places: Collaborating to Create Meaningful Learning Environments.”
  • studioMLA Architects, Bright Horizons, and Guidecraft hosted an activity room throughout the conference that included hands-on design activities and a children’s environment exhibit.
Building Stronger Centers
May 2023
  • Mike Lindstrom, Toni Marcoux, and Joanne Hiromura presented “The Design Process: Building Stronger Centers.”
Pathways to Resilience: Creating Spaces to Foster Healing and Resilience
May 2023
  • Mike Lindstrom, Lauren Baker (Former First Lady of Massachusetts), Pathways to Resilience Expert Advisory Committee member, Dana McKinney (Harvard Graduate School of Design, ENfold Collective, and Studio Kinn), and Laura Rossbert (COO and Supportive Housing Specialist at Shopworks Architecture) discussed the extension of trauma-responsive principles to the spaces and settings we inhabit. View the recording.
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Professional Learning Institute
June 2023
  • Mike Lindstrom and Joanne Hiromura presented “Trauma-informed Design: How Environments Can Support Our Most Vulnerable Children & Families.”
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference
November 2023
  • Mike Lindstrom and Carl Sussman presented “A Framework for Change: the Physical Environment’s Role in Promoting Quality and Equity.”
BuildUp CA Best Practices Spotlight
November 2023
  • Mike Lindstrom, Kylie Durekas, and Maddie Spinski presented to the BuildUp community in regards to learning about early education best practices and how design can support children’s development. View the recording.

Upcoming Conferences in 2024

Early Learning Architectural Conference
January 22
  • As part of first5FUNdamentals, Mike Lindstrom and Joanne Hiromura will be presenting the latest thinking and work in the fast-evolving field of Trauma-informed Design (TiD) with a focus on vulnerable populations of young children and their social and emotional development.
SXSW EDU Conference
March 4-7
  • Mike Lindstrom, Sandra Duncan (Early Environments Specialist), Natalie Williams (Director of Education at Miami Children’s Museum), and Heidi Morrison (Director of Education and Curriculum at Bright Horizons) will be presenting “Design for Learning: How Environment Influences Experience.”
National Coalition for Campus Children’s Center (N4C) Professional Institute
March 20-23
  • Our team will be participating in two presentations and three roundtables:
    • Liz Hall and Joanne Hiromura will be presenting “Trauma-informed Design: How Environments Can Support Children and Families Affected by Trauma.”
    • Mike Lindstrom, Stacy Ellis (Director at Early Childhood Collaboratory at Baby Gator), and Suzette Turner (Director at UCF Creative School for Children) will be presenting “Dare to Dream – Creating, Nurturing, and Funding Your ‘Big Idea’ Outline.”
    • Mike Lindstrom will be presenting a roundtable “Ask the Architect.”
      Joanne Hiromura will be presenting a roundtable “Ask the Landscape Architect.”
    • Liz Hall will be presenting a roundtable “Neurodiverse Learners.”
  • We will also be co-hosting an activity room with Guidecraft.