Town of Rockland Community Center

Client: McKinley School Community Center
Location: Rockland, MA
Size: 39,083 SF

In December of 2019, the Town of Rockland engaged studio MLA to perform a feasibility study for the McKinley School Community Center. This study included (3) phases of work.

Phase I was to identify the existing conditions of the building and site. studioMLA Architects and its consultants toured the building to gather information on the existing conditions. We provided a report of our observations and initial recommendations for each space type (i.e., Teen Center, Restrooms, Gymnasium, Corridors & Stairs, Support Spaces, Rockland Daycare Classrooms, Daycare Offices, Youth Commission Offices, Community Room, Staff Room, Vacant 3rd Floor, and Exterior).

Phase II of the feasibility study involved generating conceptual interior and exterior plan options and preliminary pricing exercises to explore various avenues of intervention. studioMLA Architects provided three options.

Phase III of the feasibility study synthesized all the information and decisions gathered in Phases I & II into a final conceptual design and pricing exercise.