Procter and Gamble Child Care Center

Location: Albany, GA
Size: 6,800 SF

Nestled in a densely wooded setting on Procter and Gamble’s Manufacturing Campus, the center is designed to feel and operate as a second home for its children and staff.

The center provides a warm, sensory-rich environment for children of shift workers at the plant, from 3 months to 12 years old, including overnight care. Four classrooms for younger children are grouped together to encourage sibling interaction. The heart of the building contains a large open family room, dining area, kitchen, an art studio, and a “clubhouse” that provides an age-appropriate setting for older children. Inspired by the warmth and richness of a southern farm ranch, the entry walkway has a cedar slat wall, allowing glimpses into the “backyard” play areas and creating dramatic effects of light and shadow.