Newbury College

Client: Newbury College
Location: Brookline, MA

studioMLA Architects worked with Newbury College in Brookline, MA, on a series of four strategic projects to improve efficiency, functionality, and the student experience on their campus. Working closely with the College’s leadership team, we undertook a series of feasibility studies and design work to leverage their existing facilities to meet institutional goals cost-effectively.

studioMLA helped the College address a housing shortage by planning a conversion of a floor of classrooms into a student residence with a student lounge area and an option of adding a floor onto an existing residence hall to increase housing capacity.

studioMLA also helped the College address the need for a truly welcoming entry to campus by replacing an underused teaching kitchen with a redesigned administrative suite to house admissions and related staff, creating a new welcome center for prospective students and families.

Additionally, studioMLA explored the utility of building a new gymnasium on campus.

Providing creative design solutions and feasibility work has allowed the college to assess the ROI of various projects and prioritize capital expenditures. These Feasibility Studies were completed in 2017.