Bristol-Myers Squibb

Client: Bright Horizons
Location: North Brunswick Township, NJ
Size: 14,900 SF (interior) & 30,000 SF (exterior)

studioMLA Architects worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb to totally transform a 1960s-era brick building into a light, airy child development center with a spectacular enclosed courtyard and many sustainability features. The project serves 24 infants, 30 toddlers, 40 preschoolers, and 24 school-age children during the summer and school holidays. The Center also features a full suite of teacher and parent support facilities and a full-service kitchen.

studioMLA Architects was responsible for full architectural services as well as management of the engineering consulting team. The play areas provide children with play opportunities within a natural garden environment. studioMLA’s landscape department created this outdoor environment for the children to enjoy. The infant play area courtyard includes sensory garden experiences along with musical and physical challenges. Water play channels with movable dams within the toddler and preschool areas give children opportunities for natural learning.