Penn State University Child Care Center at Hort Woods achieves highest LEED status!

Last week, the PSU child care center at Hort Woods became one of only a handful of child care centers in the world and the first building in the Penn State system to achieve the LEED Platinum Certification. This accomplishment is evidence of the University’s strong support of both early care and education and sustainable building.

Penn State University Child Care Center at Hort Woods

Built on what was the “ragged edge” of the last remaining stand of old-growth trees on campus to replace a worn parking lot and facilities building, the project has successfully “healed” this part of the woods and made this beautiful site accessible to children! The strong connections between the naturally lit classrooms and the natural outdoor play area have served to reinforce a strong “green curriculum”. The project includes a natural ventilation system that is in part “child activated”, a rainwater recycling system, natural super-efficient mechanical systems, multiple daylighting techniques, and numerous natural play and gardening areas for children.

Please visit our “Interactive Dashboard” showcasing the integrated design process and overall performance and sustainability of the Center!

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