Landmark Tower Child Care Center

Location: Yokohama, Japan

This trail blazing early care and education center is one of the first in Japan to focus on dual language acquisition from a very early age. The center’s founder came to Horizons Design on a recommendation from the Harvard School of Education and we were very interested in participating in the project.

We began the process with benchmarking visits to child care centers in Japan and interviews with Japanese early education specialists. Once the basic concepts were agreed upon and the parameters of the space established (the center is located in one of the largest office complexes in Japan), the schematic design was completed in our offices in Boston.

The final design and detailing was worked out in a series of marathon workshops with our collaborating architects in Japan. The finished center incorporates Japanese spatial and cultural norms along with the specific needs of the curriculum while the architectural expression strikes a balance between modern functionality and culturally recognizable design elements.