HUBWeek Pop-Up Play Cubes

Location: Boston, MA

studioMLA joined CBT and Sasaki to participate in the design of HUBweek’s most prominent location, The Hub at City Hall Plaza. The Plaza featured 60 repurposed and modified shipping containers of varying sizes that companies and artists used as interactive canvases to showcase their creations. Additionally, The Hub included six geodesic domes that housed talks and discussions by prominent speakers and leaders in a variety of fields.

studioMLA was involved in designing a “play zone” for The Hub comprised of large and small play equipment, incorporating the shipping containers that would be utilized throughout the festival. During the design process, the play zone was simplified to “play cubes” as a result of site, schedule, and budget constraints. The outcome was a series of four Pop-Up Play Cubes. They were occupiable and interactive contained experiences intended to connect the different zones of The Hub. The cubes created human scale opportunities to pause, reflect, relax, and recreate.