Soazig Friguel

Landscape and Outdoor Playscape Designer

Since graduating with her Master’s Degree from the National Landscape Architecture School of Lille, France, Soazig worked in two French agencies in Paris and Lyon. These experiences have allowed her, both individually and in a team, to conduct a variety of rural, urban and peri-urban projects. She has worked on a variety of landscape architecture, planning and urban design. These projects include sensitive and educational pathways within a natural area and the requalification of four playgrounds in the park “La Tête d’Or” in Lyon.

During this time, Soazig was a member of l’Atelier Volant, where she participated in various social, artistic and cultural projects. These designs included the use of landscape architecture in a Peruvian shantytown, a collaborative workshop and construction with residents of their neighborhood, and the design of a playground.

In addition, Soazig has furthered her experience by participating in the National Research project for the underground city in France through the questioning of uses and body sensations as a result of the space design.